Your Interactive Guide for the Isle of Arran 17 entries, 115 photos, 10 virtual tours - The Features FREE is your free BASIC ENTRY on PREMIUM is the comprehensive version of Everything you need to present your business online. In addition to the features included in the Free package, PREMIUM offers you some great extras - for just GBP 5 per month or even less .

Furthermore, your cost-effective PREMIUM is ad-free and includes many neat features!

The most important features at a glance

Need more details about which features PREMIUM offers over Free? Take a look at the following table:

Business page
Entry detail page basic detailed
Location / property address
Contact details / business address
Phone / telefax
Business description max 250 char. 1 full page
Facilities description / rooms / prices / extras
Location map
Link to own homepage
Link to own booking calendar
Position marker on map / location map
Contact form / forwarding enquiries
Picture gallery 1 picture 20 pictures
Video gallery 5 videos
Floor plan (with Floor Plan Creator)
Animated slide show (with Creator)
Interactive Walk-through / Virtual tour (with Builder)
link / html code (snippet) / link for use
of slide show or tour on your own or any other website
Availability / booking calendar
Event / activity calendar (coming soon)
Featured entry on frontpage (entries show up randomly)
Location marker on main map
24h access to self managed account
Ad-free detail page
Statistics (views)
SUBSCRIPTIONS Premium Entry - 1 credit (1 entry) FREE TRIAL GBP 60 Premium Entry - 2 credits (2 years) GBP 90 Premium Entry - 5 credits (5 entries) GBP 120 Premium Entry - 10 credits (10 entries) GBP 200

1 credit = 1 Premium Entry for 1 year period
Credits are valid for one (1) year (365 days) from the date of purchase

How do the credits work?

New Entries - all new entries are free Premium entries for 30 days after creation date (Trial period). See “Extending Premium entries”

Extend Premium entry - 1 credit extends a Premium entry by 1 year.

Example: You redeem a credit for upgrading a Premium entry expiring on 30/03/2008 - the entry will stay a Premium Entry until 29/03/2009.

Upgrade BASIC ENTRY- Basic Entries being upgraded will stay Premium entries for 1 year from date of upgrade.

Example: You redeem a credit for upgrading an entry on 30/03/2008 - the entry will be a Premium Entry until 29/03/2009.

More Examples
You would like 1 Premium entry for 1 year. Why not buy 2 credits and extend the entry to 2 years? You save 10%.
2 credits = 2 Premium Entries/1 year OR 1 Premium Entry/2 years
10 credits = 10 Premium Entries/1 year OR 5 Premium Entry/2 years OR 3 Premium Entry/3 years AND 1 Premium Entry/1 year OR any other combination.

Please note
Premium entries can be extended to a maximum of 3 years ahead. You can check your credit balance on your member page. Credits expire one year from the date of purchase. Credits are non-refundable.

Do you require more credits? Or would you like a customized portal? Please contact us.